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Living on what I earn

December 13th, 2010 at 11:39 am

Like I stated before, after my health insurance, dental, 401k, and taxes come out of my paycheck, I really only earn 20k a year. That's about 1670.00 after taxes a month. I haven't had a raise going on two years in my industry ( commercial roofing). I am going postal on what I need and don't need.

Gas for car
to pay my chapter 13
monthly prescriptions
phone (cancel verizon go with tracfone
pet food (cheap 1.99 litter)

Don't need
Digital cable TV package
Monthly cell phone bill/contract
Meats and extravagant meal ingredients

I just paid $225 for a cell phone bill for my son and I.
475.00 on electricity that was a few monts overdue
and a partial rent payment of $500.00

I have $20.00 till the next payday and I'll have to pay the a partial rent payment $500.00 and a $251.00 overdaft for the cell phone.

6 Responses to “Living on what I earn”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    I'm sorry times are so tough.

    If you trained to be an esthetician, do you expect you would earn more? Do you enjoy what you are doing right now?

  2. campfrugal Says:

    You are definately paying too much money for two cell phones. I have two cell phones. One for me and one for my son (15), with texting and all; and I pay around $85.00/month for both. You need to call your cell phone provider and have them adjust it to something you can afford.

    Also, in our area, our electric and gas providers have budget plans, where you pay the same amount every month. So, instead of paying extremely high bills in the winter, I pay the same amount throughout the year. They take a years worth of bills, total them up and divide by 12 and it gives you an estimate on a monthly budget plan. My electric is $130/month and my gas usage is $160/month. That way I know what I am budgeting for. You should get on this plan.

    Just some suggestions.

  3. gingerbell Says:

    THank you for the input! At this point I am thinking of stopping my cell phone and getting a Cricket or a Tracfone for my son and I. I just stopped my cable service and cancelled out home phone. I want to keep internet because, sadly, it is one way my son will stay home and out of trouble by playing XBOX live. I am using the analog converter box to receive regular TV along with an antennea. In a way I feel my son doesn't have what "the other kids have" if I don't keep up the phone and internet and I don't want him to suffer because his mom is poor.

  4. Petunia 100 Says:

    I understand that, Gingerbell. I'm a single mom too, and of course we want to provide a happy childhood for our children. Do you talk to your son about wants vs needs? I let my son know, mom has so much money per month. We can only have some of the things we want, so we need to choose our wants carefully. It's a good lesson for kids to learn! It's OK if you want to keep XBox live (my son loves it, too), but that money has to come from someplace. So make it clear to him, by choosing to say yes to internet service, that means we have to say no to something else.

  5. Jerry Says:

    I know what you mean about insurance, taxes, and retirement shooting a hole in that paycheck, and it leads to a lot of frustration for people. On the good side, at least you have your job and you are working toward goals... I wish you luck in finding creative options for progress on the financial front!

  6. s Says:

    thank you Jerry for your comment. I hope to keep up with the blogs for more advice and insight.

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