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Chapter 13

July 18th, 2010 at 04:25 pm

I had filed ch. 13 about 9 months ago, getting it dismissed to only file again so the debts could be dischaged. Well I haven't came up with the $1200 to file and I am being garnished by the karate company $500 a month they have taken. They will be paid in full by the end of August, but there are two more debts that already are ready to garnish me when this one stops. its a banking account. I didn't go to the court date. I did go to another company that i borrowed money from, payday loan, and agreed to pay $100 a month to avoid garnishment. I have about 5 payday loans that I opened, intended to pay, rolled over, and over and then I just couldn't afford it anymore. I owe money to everybody, the dentist, banks for NTE charges, medical bills, its pretty bad. For the first time I felt that I was going to loose everything out from under me. I am not happy and every day is full of going over and over in my head about what am I going to do?

Accounting Associate Degree

July 18th, 2010 at 04:17 pm

The plan is to change my degree from nursing to the accounting field. I've been enrolled at a university for about a year and half right now, and i'm already changing my plan, i've wasted so many years attending college only to change my degree plan and not getting any where. Since I have worked in my current position which includes data entry, accounts recievable, customer service I thought an associate degree in accounting would be my bette bet. But now I'm thinking of taking the dental assisting courses to get a "part time" type of job to add extra income. that means I would not start back at the university until this December. I'm also looking at applying to the State of Colorado for possible opportunities with added benefits. I'm thinking what happens happens, maybe the dental thing could take me to better employment opportunities or I could find a better job with the state. I don't know but I do know I should be trying to find out if there could be more opportunity for me out there.

Extra Income

July 18th, 2010 at 04:12 pm

I don't know what it is about newspaper delivery, but there isn't an opening that I've had a call back for yet! I did sign up to deliver phone books and I'm supposed to start with the info session this week. I also found on Craigslist an 11 week dental training course that will certify me as a dental assistant. I'm thinking that I could take that course, 11 Saturdays from 8-5pm, and then find work as a dental assistant on the weekends to begin paying off debt and help my income situation. The class costs $340 to hold the class and then $275 a month for a year. Is this a good plan or not? Spending money to make money. I've looked into giving plasma for $50 every 7 days, but didn't get the chance to do it yet. I haven't had a raise in my company since 2008.

The Car

July 18th, 2010 at 04:07 pm

the credit company took my monthly payments on the Aveo down to $243 a month. I am behind June and July. I've thought about not having the car and taking the light rail, our state has one of the best transit systems in the nation, but yet how can I let go of the car? I owe $7300 still and I just wish I didn't have this extra bill each month. Cutting costs, this would be the first to go. I could save that $243 a month and buy a cheap used car. Makes sense, but why is it so hard to part ways and to acutually do it? Should I try to sell it? Should I involuntarily give it back to the bank?

Rent can't much cheaper

July 18th, 2010 at 04:03 pm

I have finally made the decision to move from my $825 2 bedroom apartment into one that is $750 a month. The deal is that my son is in 7th grade this August and he has been with the same set of friends since 4th grade. I am really against moving him to another school or area to find cheaper rent, because I know when I was his age we moved many times and it was difficult for me. So in a way I feel trapped in this area, where average two bedrooms are $550 on up. I did move into a $550 2 bedroom a few years ago and had to find out about bed bugs and cock roaches. I worry about living in decent apartments and most of the cheaper ones have no washer and dryer (I think that may be why bugs accumulate - from piles of dirty laundry...maybe) I don't know, but the new apartment doesn't have the washer and dryer, but it is on the ground floor, very cool in 100 degree weather and the landlord pays the Heat. so I will find out if I am saving money with no dryer & wash machine electrical costs, not living on the top floor with vaulted ceilings, and heat paid. And its one my current landlord owns so I dont have to pay the deposits and application fees. We are moving about 2 miles from his current friends that live in the houses around our apartment so I hope he will be able to continue to see them. I worry so much about his stability. I have guilt that I can't afford him the house and that I am seperated from his dad barely making ends meet. I work to pay bills. I work to survive. I have guilt that my son has to grow up in a situation his parents created.