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June 24th Paycheck

June 27th, 2011 at 09:10 am

Is gone and I have just enough to pay $700.00 towards rent and will owe the landlord $50.00. I used my checking account to pay my $500.00 Ch. 13 payment and $190.00 to get my internet service turned back on. Both payments I made, knowing the bank would pay and I'd owe NSF fees. I couldn't get money to pay chapter 13 it was either that or the case would be dismissed. I still need to pay $437.00 by June 30th. My bank account is overdrawn $626.00, I owe chapter 13 $437.00 and those are the two biggest debts I need to pay. All Day Sunday I started going through all my "stuff" and began to set up a staging area on my kitchen table to take pictures of my items I want to sell. I'm thinking of putting my items on ebay and Craigslist. I didn't have a truck or the money to get my stuff out to the flea market this past weekend, so that plan didn't pan out. I am really on my own and in a huge financial bind. I can only do so much.

A look at how I use my money

June 15th, 2011 at 11:56 am

I think that I am screwed up with my ideas of how to pay my bills.
I was paid on June 10th - my standard amount of $905.00. I had a negative balance in my account from car insurance and a bank NSF Fee. So, right off the bat I had around $700.00 to pay all my bills and still have the basics (food, rx, gas, and electricity) for two more weeks. So, this is what I did with my money: I paid my electricity (which i'm already on a payment plan for, normally my electricity is around $48 per mo.)
Electricity: 95.00
Taxi gasoline: 25.00
My personal car gasoline: 32.00
Prescripton: 10.00
Unexpected drug & alcohol class for son: 60.00 (that's a whole other story)
Cell phone family plan: 162.00 (workin on this)
Groceries: 45.00
Eating out: 69.00

The problem is I don't have money to pay the most critically important bills I have:
Rent: 750.00
Chapter 13 payment: 500.00 (regular 250.00 + 250.00 late amount)

My Chapter 13 is past due and if I don't pay the $500.00 by today it will be dismissed, and all the creditors in my plan will start garnishing my wages.

And I can't pay my rent until the 24th, which it will then incur a 10% late fee. Rent will be $825.00.
I will have $75.00 left over to use for all the bills and necessities.

I have the taxi driving job, but it costs me money each weak to lease the taxi and if I don't work every night after my day job, I won't make any money from that job. I like driving the taxi, it's a good job. On a Friday and Saturday night I can make about $250.00 (minus the $40.00 for gas) so I think $200.00 for about 7 hours is pretty good money. But, I get tired after working my day job and don't want to leave my (at risk) son at home alone so I don't drive the taxi.

I make the same mistakes and each payday I am in the same situation and I am trying to cut and reduce my current bills (cell phone, car insurance, cable tv & internet) but I feel literally sick right now. I need so much money and I want to be all caught up and not be behind with every single bill, but i don't seem to be able to make it happen.
Last week, sitting and going over my money situation I had a thought: I could sell all my furniture and belongings (except the absolute necessary items) and move into an extended stay hotel for a few months to catch up on everything, I was in such a state of freaking out. I do have an extra couch, a hutch, some old dressers and odds n ends I could try to sell for some type of money, that could work....

I can no longer deceive myself

June 3rd, 2011 at 02:12 pm

I think I've been hiding from the truth that making a home for me and my son is priority, but I can't afford to have the lifestyle that I try to keep. I think I need to face the facts about how much money I earn and do absolutely what it takes to get out of my financial mess. It's easy to avoid the blatent truth about my situation.