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On a second new career path

December 5th, 2014 at 07:57 pm

I left my job of seven years after deciding I didn't like my new boss. I was hired as a unit manager for Waffle House. I trained 12 weeks and was placed in my own unit. I didn't enjoy cooking, because I was basically a short order cook with all the responsibility of running the restaurant as the manager. ( nothing against short order cooks) I didn't like the fast pace and working over 450 degree grill, getting grease and waffle iron burns, and I felt very inexperienced at my job. I quit after 2 months on my own. I was unemployed for three months. I worked on finding a new job and was hired at Marshalls, an off-price retail store as a merchandising coordinator. I had originally applied for assistant manager, but didn't get that position, but am setting my sights for that position. I am starting over, have debt, and just getting back to a steady paycheck. I made the most money of my life with Waffle House, but really hated it. I enrolled in college while out of work, with a goal of earning a certificate in full charge bookkeeping. But, I withdrew, proving I can't do college. I don't understand myself at all. I tried to focus on studying and understood accounting, but felt stressed about not having a job. My head wasn't in the right place. FAILURE is how I feel. my son is now 17 and he knows my struggle. Our struggle. I can't seem to excel and move myself up in my career. I don't understand if I'm not a go getter, and what is missing in my way of knowing how to become an accomplished woman. I wish I knew.