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Same Mistakes Over and Over!!!!

March 21st, 2011 at 09:12 am

Hello. I'm hoping that the wisdom out there on this blog can help me. I make the same mistakes over and over with my money. I can't get ahead with anything. I work and paybills. I am always late by at least a month on many bills. I get NSF's and late fee's. I'm kinda hopeless right now, because I am getting older but my goals of having a good paying job is beginning to become distant. I'm stuck right now, It has been recommended by my therapist that I hold off with my college courses until I have my 13 year old son's school and home life in a stable condition. I'm getting a second job. I constantly borrow money from my sister and mom, "just this once again, I fell behind" I need to figure out where all my problems come from and how to get them under control. Here is my monthly train wreck:
Rent $1000.00 ( I owe the landlord for moving expenses and he lowered my rent a few months when I was being garnished, so now I'm paying it off, almost done in May.
Normal rent is $750.00
Chapter 13 Trustee payment $250.00 (behind 2 months)When I write down my budget, I'm not seeing the right set of numbers. If I write down all my bills and total amounts due, I don't have money to pay them, so I write down what I should be paying monthly if I wasn't behind. I hate making a budget because I'm so over my head right now.