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Rent can't much cheaper

July 18th, 2010 at 04:03 pm

I have finally made the decision to move from my $825 2 bedroom apartment into one that is $750 a month. The deal is that my son is in 7th grade this August and he has been with the same set of friends since 4th grade. I am really against moving him to another school or area to find cheaper rent, because I know when I was his age we moved many times and it was difficult for me. So in a way I feel trapped in this area, where average two bedrooms are $550 on up. I did move into a $550 2 bedroom a few years ago and had to find out about bed bugs and cock roaches. I worry about living in decent apartments and most of the cheaper ones have no washer and dryer (I think that may be why bugs accumulate - from piles of dirty laundry...maybe) I don't know, but the new apartment doesn't have the washer and dryer, but it is on the ground floor, very cool in 100 degree weather and the landlord pays the Heat. so I will find out if I am saving money with no dryer & wash machine electrical costs, not living on the top floor with vaulted ceilings, and heat paid. And its one my current landlord owns so I dont have to pay the deposits and application fees. We are moving about 2 miles from his current friends that live in the houses around our apartment so I hope he will be able to continue to see them. I worry so much about his stability. I have guilt that I can't afford him the house and that I am seperated from his dad barely making ends meet. I work to pay bills. I work to survive. I have guilt that my son has to grow up in a situation his parents created.

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