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On a second new career path

December 5th, 2014 at 07:57 pm

I left my job of seven years after deciding I didn't like my new boss. I was hired as a unit manager for Waffle House. I trained 12 weeks and was placed in my own unit. I didn't enjoy cooking, because I was basically a short order cook with all the responsibility of running the restaurant as the manager. ( nothing against short order cooks) I didn't like the fast pace and working over 450 degree grill, getting grease and waffle iron burns, and I felt very inexperienced at my job. I quit after 2 months on my own. I was unemployed for three months. I worked on finding a new job and was hired at Marshalls, an off-price retail store as a merchandising coordinator. I had originally applied for assistant manager, but didn't get that position, but am setting my sights for that position. I am starting over, have debt, and just getting back to a steady paycheck. I made the most money of my life with Waffle House, but really hated it. I enrolled in college while out of work, with a goal of earning a certificate in full charge bookkeeping. But, I withdrew, proving I can't do college. I don't understand myself at all. I tried to focus on studying and understood accounting, but felt stressed about not having a job. My head wasn't in the right place. FAILURE is how I feel. my son is now 17 and he knows my struggle. Our struggle. I can't seem to excel and move myself up in my career. I don't understand if I'm not a go getter, and what is missing in my way of knowing how to become an accomplished woman. I wish I knew.

2 Responses to “On a second new career path”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    It is so nice to see a post from you, Gingerbell!! I hope you and your son are doing well. Do you like your present job?

    I am not an expert by any means, but is it possible you have an undiagnosed learning disability?

    I dont think you are a failure. We are all different. College isnt the right path for everyone. Smile You have worked hard for years to provide a home and stability for your son. That is no small feat.

    I hope you keep blogging.

  2. gingerbell Says:

    I'm still raising my son, torn between college or a faster track certificate program at Pima medical institute. Why am I in my situation that I've been in for years? I feel like I'm a lazy, under achieving , low motivated woman that lacks the ability to become successful with a good career. I now work with developmentally disabled people in group homes for my state. I make $11.53 an hour. I worked about 55 OT hours in April. So, far working OT is alright, but I don't know how lucky by it will last. My constant thoughts are how am I to live in a city where rents are sky, high. The basics of living are mostly all I can afford. How will I ever own a home ? What type of work should I do? I have no real skills and just don't know how to get ahead, I'm 45 and feel I'm starting to get older and have missed out on me and my life because of raising my son alone all his life.

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