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Need a second Job

February 13th, 2012 at 09:58 am

I've read all the post replys and have done a lot of thinking about me and my spending habits, the way I handle money, and my current problems with money. I have, at home, 5 DVD's from Suze Orman from 1995 ish to her 2011 Money Class DVD, I also have about 7 money books, I picked up at the library. I am currently ready, as fast as I can, Jean Chatky's book Called Pay it Down on $10.00 a day. I'm learning alot. What it boils down to right now, is that I need to find a second job and that doens't seem as easy as it always has been. The part time jobs seem to not get back to me and I'm not sure if it't my description of my current job duties, that seem too much for the part-time job, or why I'm not getting any phone calls. The applications I've tried are for gas stations, convenience stores, department stores, and I'm not getting much feed back. I'm always asked what I'm being currently paid and I wonder if the $15.35 i put in the blank is why I'm shut down. I honestly don't know what the problem is. I usually had not problem finding a part-time job in years before. So, once I find a second job, my plan is to apply the lessons from Dave Ramsey and Jean Chatzky toward my getting out of debt situation. I've cancelled Verizon (but I have a $400.00 cancellation bill to pay) I stopped my home internet and cable. I am going to get a home land line which will be about 42.00 a month and just drop the cell phone completely. I can get a pre-paid for total emergency situations. My bankrupcy chapter 13 was cancelled and I can gather $500.00 to get it re-instated, but I don't have that money. I'm thinking if I get a part time job, maybe I can avoid the chapter 13 and pay all my creditors off. But, I have a looming cloud over my head, as I know the creditors are beginning to call am I'm AFRAID to answer the phone, because I lieterally don't have any money to pay them yet. I don't know if I should try to keep my little chevy aveo, the outstanding loan balance is $15.000, or if I should surrender it. I'm asking for help from all the smart money people out there, because although I don't blog daily or consistantly, I have taken serious thought to all my comments received. I'm going to add all my debt to the debt catagory and maybe someone would lend their insight. Sincerely, me.

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  1. MonkeyMama Says:


  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    On the second job, I think most of it is the economy, and a lot of it is that you already have a FT job? We've had discussions around the blogs on this topic. (FT workers not being considered for other jobs...). My spouse could not find any part-time work last he really seriously looked around 2006? (Economy has been pretty bad here most the past decade) and our attitude lately is *why even bother trying.* Literally, any job with no skill/low skill requirement will have 1000-ish applicants. It's just extra rough out there. For reference, my spouse never had any trouble finding more than ample employment when we were in college. I never imagined finding minimum wage type work would be so hard? These times are one thing, but we experience this quite a few years ago, too.

    That said, we have the luxury to just let it go. If I were more desperate, I would be focusing on my skills and hustling, that is for sure. Waitressing? Bartending? A good babysitter will always have work. My spouse does video work and I can teach instruments (as example of turning your skills into money). Also, you will probably have a much better chance at getting a job if you can be referred by a friend, etc., so ask everyone you know if they know of any jobs, for sure.

    Hang in there!

  3. Jerry Says:

    It's really tough for lots of people to find work now, as was noted above... even part time work can be competitive, let alone full-time jobs with insurance benefits. The economic downturn just leads to that kind of a reality, and it is not an easy time. I hope that you can find something and get the situation ironed out! Good luck to you...

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