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I got a 3% rasise!

August 7th, 2011 at 10:39 am

The last raise my company gave was in 2008, so now I make about 10.00 more each paycheck. I wrote my total amount of each paycheck that I will bring home and my new plane is to pay my chapter 13 and rent and everything else will have to follow. This week after my payments, I have 60.00 for the next 14 days. Fourteen days is not that long, really.

My plan was to get $34.00 in gas and then a 30.00 gift card from the grocery store, to ensure, I'd have gas money. I would have had 10.00 left. But, I went to wal-mart first and spend 20.00, then 10.00 to open my son his own savings account, which I've been needing to get started for his allowance. I put 7.00 in gas and I have and and a new phone charger for 15.00. The clothes are stacked up and need washed, I'm thinking of using my tub to get everything cleaned. I don't like dirty clothes sitting around. I have plenty of rice, beans, and canned food. I am find to eat what I have, but my 13-year old son is picky and thinks he can have fast food every day, which will not be the case. We'll see what happens in the days to come.

1 Responses to “I got a 3% rasise!”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Congratulations on the raise, and I think it will lead to great progress by planning like you are. The silly notions of teenagers (eating fast food every day) are ridiculous, but hopefully he will have some insurance of learning responsibility with money and nutrition. It comes with time (well, often...)! Wink Good luck.

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