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What I earn in corporate America -

May 26th, 2011 at 01:06 pm

My finances:

Paycheck (every 2 weeks)
Salary $1192
Dental Ins. $23.64
Group Insurance $100.17
Vision Insurance $4.17
SS tax $44.69
Medicare $15.43
Federal Tax $27.17
State Tax $39.00
Life Ins. $6.18
401 (k) was $23.00 - I stopped contributions

Final Net Pay $931.55
Less automatic savings -$20.00
$911.55 x 2 = $1,823.10

4 Responses to “What I earn in corporate America - ”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    That's what is coming in, how about what is going out?

    How is your housing situation these days?

  2. gingerbell Says:

    I'm going to put my entire situation on new entry. thanks for asking about my housing. I pay more than I can afford and I'm looking for affordable rent. Moving is so expensive. Deposits for the apartment and I have a dog and cat. We moved into a small one bedroom a few years ago and the rent was about $560. The first day I saw a tiny roach. Then other residents told us about bed bugs. The apartment manager was going to bomb the apartment, but I managed to get out of my lease there since we only lived there about 3 weeks. So now when I look for apartments "like" that type or with really cheap rent and no washer or dryers in the apartments, I think Bed Bugs and Roaches. I'm worried about those things.

  3. gingerbell Says:

    Way too much is going out. I'm a bit imbarrased at how my finances look.

  4. Petunia 100 Says:

    Don't be embarassed. The whole point of this site is to help people get their finances in order, isn't it?
    It's a tool for people to use to improve their finances, not a place to be embarassed if your finances aren't where you want them to be.

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